How to Find Suckers Friends Online

Class: The Writer’s Craft (EWC4U1)
Date: March 2008
The Assignment: Write ten tips for young people to avoid predators on the internet.
Mark: 100%

  1. Visit teen chat rooms. Look for people with names like “angelprincess333” or “hawtgrrl1994” — they are the most friendly.
  2. Hang out in public rooms and when you find someone you like, invite them to a private room — it will make them feel special.
  3. Let the other person know that you are a good friend — listen to them talk about their friends, family, and school attentively.
  4. Your new friend will want to know all about you, but remember: you can be whoever you want on the internet, so telling a little white lie about your age won’t hurt anybody.
  5. Find out all you can about your new friend and add them on MySpace, Facebook, and instant messenger. They will appreciate all the effort you are putting into your friendship.
  6. If you know of any local modelling opportunities that your new friend might be interested in, let them know. If they are hesitant, have them send you their picture and offer to pass it along to the agency.
  7. You have so much in common with your new friend and they seem really fun. It just so happens that your parents are out of town this weekend, so go ahead and invite your new friend over.
  8. If your new friend suggests meeting in a public place instead, refuse. It is not a good idea to go out by yourself; you never know who could be out there.
  9. Make sure that your new friend doesn’t bring anyone else with them — your parents will get mad if you have a party!
  10. When you finally meet face-to-face, your new friend might not recognize you at first, since your online picture looked a little different. They might feel a little uncomfortable, so make sure to be especially friendly to make them feel at home.