The Legend of Bob

Class: Individuals in Diverse Society (HHS4M1)
Date: April 2007
The Assignment: Write the life story of a fictional person that follows the theory of one of the studied psychologists.

Daniel Levinson’s Theory

Bob is 27 years old. He graduated from high school ten years ago and he has been working at the local zoo ever since. He lived with his parents, Bebe and Bobo, for several years after high school, but he quickly realized he would need a place of his own. At first, his parents were skeptical, but they eventually came around and supported their son’s choice. Bob moved into the apartment building across the street from his parents exactly fifty-three days before his twentieth birthday. Shortly after, Bob’s friends Bulk and Skull came over for a house-warming party. The three boys had been friends since kindergarten, but Bob now realized that Bulk and Skull were idiots. Bob told them he was moving to Turkey, so Bulk and Skull, feeling rejected, resolved to never speak to him again. Bob also realized that another one of his old friends, Bab, who he always thought had cooties, was actually pretty cute, so they decided to get married. Two months later, Bab gave birth to octuplets. Unsatisfied with his job at the zoo and unable to support his new family, Bob decided to quit and instead pursue his true goal of taking over the world. One afternoon, Bob met a man named Bub who was sleeping in the park and they quickly became friends upon realizing that they both had the same goal. Bub was several years older than Bob and he had already given up on his dream, but Bob was still young and enthusiastic, so he listened to Bub’s advice, sure that he could succeed with Bub’s guidance.